Emotional and Personal Journeys during Covid –19

Covid-19 took the entire world by surprise. The world has faced many pandemics in the past. The best researchers in leading Pharmaceutical companies around the globe work day and night. Our markets see new vaccines and antidotes very often. Yet, we were unprepared to face the pandemic. We have seen movies where a single virus changes the face of the earth, yet they always seemed like fiction- far from reality. But, Covid-19 is not fiction. It is even more real for people who have seen it first- hand or through a near and dear one. 

Our Director, Mrs. Neelam Malik, share her thoughts on the emotional journey during the pandemic which most people will be able to relate to 

The last 50 plus days have been full of revelations for many people. People have realised the importance of families and of togetherness. They have experienced the joy of getting in touch with their true selves through hobbies or simply the bliss of doing ‘nothing’. Personally, for me, this has been a very emotional journey.  

I have always believed in ‘Co-existence’ and ‘Collaboration’. These two words kept resounding in my head since the beginning of this new experience. I do not know what the future holds, whether the epidemic will be washed off from the earth’s surface or if we will have to live with the virus for years to come, as the scientists are suggesting. In any case, I feel, it is only ‘Collaboration’ and ‘Co-existence’ that will help us.  

In the last few days, we have seen an overhaul of the earth. Pollution levels have dropped, birds have started chirping, water bodies have become cleaner. We need to collaborate with mother nature in order to survive. I hope we continue this collaboration and instil the same sense in the next generation.  

In fact, the daily wage labourers have been working in such a well- oiled system until now. The entire year they take up manual jobs required in our flourishing Real- Estate and Manufacturing sectors, which are major contributors to our national GDP. During the harvest season, they go back to their villages to attend to the farming and agriculture, ensuring that we get a steady supply of our crops and vegetables. This, in my view, is the perfect example of ‘Co-existence’. This year, this perfect flow has been disturbed. This has aggravated labourers and business owners alike. These are the people who are beyond politics. These are the people who only want to do their job, to feed their families. They are the people who know the value of ‘Co-existence’. 

Personal Journey by our very own director, Mrs Neelam Malik 

I would like to share that the last 50 days has been enriching for me personally as well. Well, it is every parent’s dream to see his or her child settled. However, more than that, it is the greatest wish to see one’s child happy and accomplishing their personal and professional goals. In our case, this took place during these unexpected times. The irony of being ‘settled’ during these ‘unsettling’ times as we call it in our house. Well, as we all know that this is the time where ‘going digital’ is no longer an option but a necessity. We were lucky that our son and daughter-in law had the necessary know-how on ‘digitizing’ AryaGroup and all its operations. In the last 2 months, we have accomplished many milestones that we had not achieved earlier. This is the result of the hard work and zeal of the next generation in our organization that has turned the leaf to a new chapter for us.  

To end on a positive note, I would say, “Let’s watch out for that light at the end of the tunnel, where a beautiful world awaits us.”