Gayatri Havan

This year, like every year, the students of Arya Gurukul which is the best CBSE school in Ambernath performed a Gayatri Havan at the school campus. This Havan was conducted independently by the students under the able guidance of their teachers. 

The Significance of the Gayatri Havan is that it is undertaken to remember Goddess Gayatri who signifies three deities- Gayatri, Savitri and Saraswati. Gayatri is the master of sense, Savitri Signifies Thruth and Saraswati is the goddess of speech.  

Gayatri Mantra is an all -encompassing mantra to nourish and strengthen all our senses. The ultimate aim is to sharpen our intellect. 

During the Gayatri Havan, the Gayatri Mantra is chanted in front of the hom (fire). The Gayatri Havan conducted by our students was a spectacle, a sight to be witnessed. The students chanted the mantra with all their piety and transformed the ambience of the school.  

The school management was in awe of the students who performed and blessed them for performing the havan with all their heart and soul.  

The Gayatri Havan channelizes our energies towards all the aspects of our personality- Intelligence, beauty, speech, health which in turn reflects in our personality to create a sense of overall wellbeing.