Improve your Child’s Learning Skills through Brain Gym

A child will grow physically as well as mentally and intellectually only when there is a proper exercise given to both, the brain and the body. A good way to improve your child’s mental growth will be through certain physical movement which can increase the brain’s thinking and learning abilities.  Besides just the classroom work, it is important for the child to work on his/her mental aptitude thus we encourage brain gym for all the kids.

Arya Gurukul, an English medium school in Kalyan offers a session of Brain Gym, where kids are taught different physical movement which can improve his/her academic performance in class. Regular exercise in the playground or in the classroom can bring a progress in the child’s attention, reduce stress and he/she can do better in classroom task. The importance of including brain gym in the school curriculum will help the teacher to make learning more productive for the children, since it can enhance classroom performance, and students can catch the class work faster and easier. The basic reason behind brain gym is that children will be more focused, perform better in Physical Sports, and enhance learning and body movement.

Also, here are some of the areas of Brain Gym which can bring an improvement in your child’s learning.

  • Memory
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Test taking
  • Physical Coordination
  • Concentration
  • Focus
  • Attitude
  • Organization skills and so on.

Thus, Arya Gurukul, an English medium school in Kalyan focuses on including Brain Gym sessions, so those having learning difficulties will benefit and can be improved through this activity.