Know the Four Pillars of Chinmaya Vision Programme

Arya Gurukul is a strong believer and follower of Chinmaya Vision Programme which is entirely based on Swami Chinmayananda’s advice and thoughts. The philosophy of Arya Gurukul is to teach students the importance of value education along with the education provided in the classroom. Our school is ranked the first in India in the Chinmaya Vision Programme, which keeps us on the tag as one of the best English medium schools in Ambernath. We have been awarded the prestigious SQAA accreditation from CBSE. The Chinmaya Vision Programme follows the four pillars under its area of studies-

– Integrated Development

– Indian Culture

– Patriotism and

– Universal Outlook.

To be more precise about the four pillars, we explain what each area is all about.

  • Integrated Development- This area aims at overall development of Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Intellectual level of children.
  • Indian Culture- Education is more than just the bookish knowledge. It is also about making cultural studies an important subject so that students are aware of certain cultural values. Through these teachings, children will have a wide exposure towards the aspect of culture, traditional art, science heritage, festive celebration, cultural symbols and so on.
  • Patriotism- This area focuses on education related to the nation, and other concerns like the importance of following law and orders, civic consciousness, secularism, and other areas relating to being a proud citizen.
  • Universal Outlook- Through this area of studies, students are made aware of the ongoing universal issues such as, population and poverty, global warming, environmental education, and living in harmony. It also makes students responsible citizens of the world.

Thus, covering the importance of these four pillars under the Chinmaya Vision Programme, Arya Gurukul, one of the best schools in Ambernath strives to provide students knowledge that is not just restricted to textbooks, but imparting on the importance of spiritual knowledge. Such areas of studies will aid students to be aware of the things around them, explore real-world problems and challenges.

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