Know what the Motto of Arya Gurukul stands for

As an educational center, the idea of keeping a motto is to summarize an educational institute’s value and priorities. Arya Gurukul, one of the best schools in Ambernath believes that the present day education system is designed to produce a good professional, but it does not necessarily guarantee a ‘good human being’.  It is always important to have a distinctive approach so that children will grow up into an active, curious, responsible, and a thinker.

The special thing about keeping a motto in school is that, it brief about the essence of believe which the school follows and as one of the best schools in Ambernath, Arya Gurukul has its own motto which defines the value of the school as a place to learn and gain moral belief.

The motto of Arya Gurukul is:

Satyam Shivam Sundaram which stands for Truth- Goodness- Success.

There is also a meaning behind each words i.e.

Satyam- It is the universal truth. It is the path of righteousness that should be followed consistently and with absolute commitment while achieving one’s goal.

Shivam- It is the pure consciousness that personifies the inherent Goodness within each one of us. When our intention are noble, the path chosen invariably leads to truth and beauty.

Sundram– This means absolute Beauty. One of the cornerstones of a good human being is a highly developed sense of aesthetic. As Tagore said, ‘Civilization expects its great fulfillment and the expression of its soul in beauty.’

Following the principle of ‘SATYAM’ ‘SHIVAM’, and ‘SUNDRAM’ one is transformed into a fully blossomed individuals, one who is well established in goodness, both inwardly and outwardly and certain to achieve immense success in life- personal, professional, and social.

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