Why students must try meditation?

Very often the solution to a complicated problem is simple. In today’s uncertain times, many of us are experiencing stress, higher irritability and anxiety. While some feel that the imposed lockdown has been extremely difficult to deal with, many have reported feeling much more contended, calm and peaceful. Maybe because it gave many people time to reflect. For youngsters, there were reduced feelings of fear of missing out or FOMO, as it is popularly known. 

This reiterates that as humans, we need time to think through our thoughts and take time out from external noises. Whether our nature is introverted or extroverted, we all must make meditation a practise. This is especially beneficial if done from a young age.  

Benefits of Meditation for Students- 

Studies have shown that practising regular meditation leads to higher academic scores. This could be due to the fact that meditating for atleast 5 minutes daily leads to-  

  • Improved focus- Students who meditate are more likely to follow a schedule and complete assignments with least distractions. They also do not get distracted easily in class and have higher concentration levels while studying. 
  • Patience- Such students are good listeners and avoid unnecessary chattering. They do not get angry or upset during difficult situations. 
  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety- Meditation helps regulate the stress hormone – Cortisol. Therefore, students tend to not overthink or get nervous. They are better able to handle a difficult situations with calm and ease. 
  • Memory- Studies have shown that meditation helps in faster and easier recall ability. Meditating students are also found to have higher IQ scores.  
  • Creativity- Innovation and creativity improve as students feel more confident about their abilities and feel more relaxed. 

All of the above are required to ensure that one does well in academics.  

How to Start Meditating- 

Essentially meditation means sitting still in a comfortable position and concentrating. One must do it at a time of the day when there will be the least interruptions- either early in the morning, in the evening, or at night, depending upon one’s schedule.  

One could focus on one’s inflow and outflow of breath or repeat a Mantra. It entails clearing the mind of all thoughts. When thoughts come, they must be fleeting and one must not let them affect oneself.  

One must meditate for at least 5 minutes and can slowly increase the time as one goes.  

There are many guided meditation tutorials or apps that one can use.  

Eventually, it becomes a habit and a second nature. 

We really hope that the students of Arya Gurukul, the top CBSE school in Ambernath and Kalyan, try the amazing act of meditation and reap its immense benefits.