Arya Gurukul is now a MASP (Microsoft Aspire School Program) School

Arya Gurukul has added another feather to its cap and is now a MASP (Microsoft Aspire School Program) school. The journey towards this digitized milestone started around a year back, much before the ‘necessity’ created by the lockdown. Unlike many schools that are now compelled to make technological changes in their schools due to the lockdown restrictions and regular schools discontinued, Arya Gurukul had already started treading on the path of digitization. The realisation that the next big thing in the education sector is new technological innovations had struck early and Arya Gurukul had already started using cutting -edge Microsoft products in their classes. 

What is MASP? 

MASP is an organised, step- by- step plan to digitize all major operations in a school. Schools today are no longer just distributors of knowledge. Their role has expanded to create intrigue and experiential learning opportunities. Likewise, students, today want more than just a classroom learning experience. They want to quench their intellectual thirst, they want to tap the other dimensions of involvement while learning concepts. MASP (Microsoft Aspire School Program) brings precisely these solutions to the table. Therefore, learning becomes interesting and teaching becomes a pleasurable activity.  

The MASP also brings in ease of communication between department heads, staff members, teachers, and academicians. The use of various communication, meeting, and messaging tools increases collaboration and thereby innovation.  

Parents too get a holistic experience. They find convenience at every step right from the admission process to fee payments. 

How did Arya Gurukul become a MASP school? 

Aspiring to become a MASP school meant hours of training on state -of -the -art technologies for the teachers. Teachers learnt to adapt their teaching methodologies to integrate information and technological tools. The entire team of Arya Gurukul, the best CBSE school in Kalyan, worked in tandem to meet the demands of the MASP on time and to update their skills. 

“Arya Gurukul has made a mark in their teaching pedagogy and co-scholastic activities. Digitizing learning solutions was the next evident step in the growth path for the school and that has been my concentration for the last 2 years. Today, I am extremely happy to see that the efforts have come to fruition and Arya Gurukul is now a MASP school – a part of a selective group of school across the world. I thank the Microsoft team and our consultants who have helped and are still guiding us in this digital journey”, claims Krishank Malik, Director, CTO, Arya Gurukul. 

With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, the technological milestones of Arya Gurukul have ensured that they can continue their classes and various events unhindered. Therefore, the handshake between MASP and Arya Gurukul guarantees world- class and futuristic learning for all.