Benefits of a Chinmaya Vision School

A School is a second home for every child. It is a place where the child spends most of his waking hours, interacting, learning, absorbing, growing and gaining. It is imperative then that the school atmosphere is dynamic, imparting the right values and proving ample knowledge to equip a child to face the real world. It is a stepping stone to facing the challenges and obstacles of the real world. 

Merely providing theoretical knowledge and bookish education is not enough, besides being able to apply practically what has been learnt, a child needs to be strong on other soft skills too. How a child handles emotions? How he reacts to different situations? What values does a child hold true? All these go a long way in determining a child’s success or failure. 

In the wake of today’s times, where competition is inevitable, a Chinmaya Vision Program, which is the basis of the school philosophy of a good school in Ambernath such as Arya Gurukul school, is what gives our students an edge over the others. The heart and soul of this programme lies in the fact that it aims at making students grounded and more in connect with our Indian Values, having a strong spiritual foundation, while turning children in confident and able citizens with global thinking. It is that bridge that connects a child to tradition and modernity, to spirituality and practical thinking. A CVP (Chinmaya Vision Program) equips a child with the necessary decision-making skills while making tough choices without compromising on one’s values. This is what makes a CVP most relevant and in fact necessary in today’s times.  

Arya Gurukul School has been the forerunner in introducing the Chinmaya Vision program in Maharashtra and has been ranked first in India in the Chinmaya Vision Program. This is what makes Arya Gurukul the best school in Ambernath

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