The Evolution of Education in India

The system of education in India has seen a drastic change over the years. In the beginning, education was provided by a Guru (teacher) and the place of study was known as Gurukul, where the student had to go to a teacher’s place to learn and gain knowledge. The system of education during the ancient times was way different from how it is today. The kind of education one received was closely linked to nature and life and the students would stay at the guru’s house for as long as they wish. The students were taught everything from maths, science to Sanskrit and Holy Scriptures to literature, medicine, and history. This educational system is considered to be the oldest as well as the most effective system of education.

However, after the introduction of modern education in India, we saw a major change taking place on the ground of educational philosophy. Students were introduced to various new subjects, classroom environment changed to confined walls, the link with nature slowly drifted away. Today, the system of education is more about learning from textbooks and memorizing for exams. This system of modern education acts as a barrier in the bond between teachers and students.

At Arya Gurukul, one of the best schools in Kalyan, we believe in giving students a nurturing education where there is well-rounded development, a positive learning environment, and a connection between students and nature. Our idea of education is to instill confidence rather than fear. Keeping the ‘Gurukul’ name intact, our school wishes to give the best possible education where students will enjoy the journey of learning instead of finding it a compulsory way of gaining knowledge. At Arya Gurukul, which is one of the best schools in Kalyan, the students enjoy a closer connection to nature and teachers, which makes learning even more interesting and easy.

Our spiritual education is aligned with the Indian culture and value to let students understand the importance of value education even while learning through the modern way.