Helping your Child to Stay Focus on their Work

We can say it is a crucial task to help students stay focus on one thing since they are known for their multi-tasking abilities. But, assisting a child in developing self- disciple and encouraging them to improve their concentration skills or focus will undoubtedly help them in the long run. The key to keeping your child away from getting distracted can be done by allowing them to practice the art of staying focused at home with some activities. At Arya Gurukul, one of the best CBSE School in Dombivli, students are offered well-rounded development in education and proper like skills method in a positive learning environment.

Here, we give you three tips on how you as a parent can help your kids stay focus on one thing at a time.

Help them manage their distraction: While Children are often capable of multi-tasking, tackling 2-3 things at a time is impossible, especially when they are doing their homework or studies. Encourage your child to do one thing at a time and help them manage their distractions, like, no TV until he/she completes the homework, keep his/her phone and gadgets away, or have a time for homework and other school activities.

Set a time for everything: While distractions can come from every possible way, parents can help the child overcome by setting a time for everything. Fix a timetable when the kids can watch TV, do his homework, or play a game. Such routine will enable them to prioritize his/her task and complete their work accordingly.

Reward: Children are likely to follow your instruction when you offer them with rewards. Tell your child that he/she will be given credits or will be rewarded with points if he/she can complete their study work without getting distracted. Such initiative will surely boost your child’s interest, and they will stay focused as they want to be recognized for their work.

As one of the best CBSE schools in Dombivli, we want parents to understand the importance of dealing with children in the most cautious way so that they grow up taking their responsibility and become an independent being.


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