Understanding your Child’s Interest

Being a guide to a child, one of the most important things is to pay heed, to understand his/her psychology. And as an ideal parent, it is your obligation to instill confidence so he/she is able to express his/her thoughts openly. Parent should be aware of what and where your child interest lies or what his/her potential and capabilities areas are.

Providing emotional and physical support, school and parents should come together in fulfilling the need of the child. Arya Gurukul offers such aspect of learning potential where your child is given the support he/she needs. We are the top cbse school in Mumbai and we make sure that every child is treated with outmost care, their problems are heard, and their doubts cleared.

Here are some steps parents can follow to understand your child’s interest:

  • Be Observant- Know where your child’s interest is, be it his play, school work, subjects or any extra curriculum activities. This will allow you to have better understanding on his/her behavior.
  • Spend quality time- Apart from helping them in his/her homework, parents should set aside some quality time for your children, strike a conversation and ask him/her about his/her school, know what his/her favorite subject is. Such quality time will help you understand better and it will take them in their comfort zone.
  • Listen- When you spend time with your child, the best way to come closer to him/her will be by listening to his/her thoughts. Try reading his/her expression, voice tone, and body language, this will allow you to have better knowledge about his characteristics.
  • Don’t make assumption- Just because he/she is not complaining doesn’t mean they are having a good time. Many children tend to hide their emotions, so it is always better to keep asking him/her what is going in his/her life.

Through this given steps, Arya Gurukul, the top CBSE School in Mumbai encourage parents to build a bond with their kids. As much as the teachers are responsible in finding the student’s interest in learning, parents should also play the role of meeting the needs of the child through moral support. Because such meaningful gestures will help your child to have a smooth life both in school and at home.