Importance of Planning a Study Schedule for Students

During exams, kids are more prone to be stressed, and so it becomes the parent as well as the teacher’s responsibility to assist them in getting through the study hours with support and proper study routines.

Arya Gurukul is one of the best CBSE board schools in Ambernath and our school make sure the students are given proper direction while preparing for any examination or tests.

We encourage students to follow a planner and be prepared for any upcoming test or exams.

Being one of the best CBSE board schools in Ambernath, we make sure your child’s study doubt is cleared before any terminal exams.

Here are some of the things students can follow for a productive study routine:

  • Keep a timetable- Keeping a schedule will always help the student to keep a track on their studies. Also, following a schedule will allow them to finish revising on time.
  • Take a break in between- Studying can be productive if you can take a break in between. The study break will refresh the mind and also increase concentration level.
  • Study plan- Plan your studies in advance so that there is no last minute preparation.
  • Be organized- Before you start your study, do remember to remove all unnecessary stuff from your table and keep only your books and study material which is needed. An organized table is always a great way to concentrate.

These are just a few of the rules students have to follow if they are preparing for upcoming exams and test. Following the list mentioned above will help them to feel relaxed and finish revising on time.