Khel Mela – Annual Sports Event

Khel Mela, the Annual Sports event was conducted with great fervour and enthusiasm at all Arya Gurukul Schools, Ambernath and Kalyan on 2nd and 16th Decembers respectively. 

The highlight of this year’s Khel Mela was the theme of ‘Khelo India Khelo’ where we got a glimpse of the traditional Indian Games such as Satoliya (Lagori), Kancha (Marbles), kho-kho, Gilli Danda, Poshampa and Kith- Kith (hopscotch). These were later followed by age – appropriate track events. Reinforcing the 5 C’s of competency, confidence, connections, character and caring, the students presented a vibrant carnival, synchronized march past, thematic displays, martial arts and yoga. 

The Chief Guests for the events at both schools- Dr. Leena Dande, a leading physiotherapist from Ambernath and Smt. Usha Pranjape, an International Athlete, expressed their appreciation for the event and the way it was organised. Smt Usha Paranjpe asserted that every day at least an hour should be devoted to health and wellness, whereas, Dr. Leena Dande suggested the need to concentrate on our National  Sport- Hockey along with other popular sports like Cricket and Football. 

Our young achievers who have contributed in the field of sports were felicitated- Ms Shriya Parekh from Arya Gurukul Kalyan, who broke the record of 10 years by winning 3 gold medals at the GD Malvankar shooting championship and various other zonal, state and district level championships. She addressed the awestruck audience by stating “Play because you love the sort and not for winning!” Ms. Nishita Singh, Ms. Dhanashree Pawar and Mast. Rahul Thakur, National Level participants in Yoga, the young achievers (students of Arya Gurukul, Nandivli) were also felicitated.  

‘Sathi Haath Badhaana’ an event for the parents was a big hit and brought out great team spirit, balance and coordination. Mast. Samarth Bhat and Ms. Anika Singh of Grade II anchored the event at Kalyan whereas Medha Patil of Grade V conducted the event at Ambernath. Medals and sachets were given to the prize winners. 

Mr. Bharat Malik, Chairman AryaGlobal group of schools and Mrs. Neelam Malik, Director AryaGlobal believe that Sports creates a great foundation to discipline and even mental agility. Arya Gurukul school encourages sports for its positive role in the development of a child including improved academic achievement, higher self-esteem, fewer behavioural problems and better psychosocial development. Such enthusiasm and showmanship during a sports event is what makes Arya Gurukul stand out making it the best School in Kalyan and Ambernath.