Our students fare 100% results in Board exams

The highly anticipated CBSE board, 10th and 12th Standard results are declared and in keeping with its long-term tradition, the students of Arya Gurukul, the No.1 school for Innovative Teaching, according to Education Today, has scored 100% results even this year. The students along with the management and teachers are immensely overjoyed to receive this piece of news.

The results breakup-

For grade 10, a total of 119 students appeared for the board exams this year and the break-up of the results is as follows –23 students scored above 90%, 45 students in Distinction, 38 students in the First class and 13 students in the second class.

For grade 12, a total of 20 students appeared for the board exams this year and the break- up of the results is as follows- 2 students above 90%, 7 students in Distinction, 9 students in First class and 2 students in second class.

Fostering the love for learning-

Arya Gurukul is renowned for its support to the student community and its encouragement to aid learning. Over the last two years, the school has taken numerous steps towards this end, such as conducting well-organised online classes for all grades and providing free licensed Microsoft software to each student.

In order to further encourage the enthusiasm of the teachers, the school management tied up with Dell for the teachers to purchase their latest laptops that can support their teaching needs and that too at a prize lower than the market rate. Therefore, the teachers were more than happy to invest in them.

Furthermore, a very engaging and fruitful Career Counselling Programme was organised for the students of 10th grade, to answer the questions that many students are faced with, namely, “What’s Next?” The virtual event held on 17th July was attended by almost 300 students. Eminent speakers such as Career Counsellors and Psychiatrists spoke at this forum and answered the queries that children and parents had.

Appreciation for the efforts-

The parents appreciated the forward thinking gesture shown by the school. “In times like this, we really don’t know who to talk to for career advice for our children. Since the Career Counselling session was organised by my child’s school itself, it made things easier for us. My child got a sense of direction and at least knows which field to pursue next”, felt a parent of Arya Gurukul.

Mrs. Radhamani Iyer , Principal, Arya Gurukul expresses, ”We feel extremely proud to receive such great results. We would like to share that our students have not only out-performed in their board exams but have also participated in numerous online events that the school has been conducting leading to the development of their ‘Life skills’.”

Mr. Bharat Malik, Chairman of AryaGlobal group of Schools says, “Our schools are prepared with a HybridR model of teaching that can be adapted to any situation. There is immense eagerness from both the students’ and school’s side and we hope and pray that physical schooling resumes. In the meantime, let the learning continue!”