The Education Cell at Arya Gurukul

At Arya Gurukul, we make sure that only the best, highly qualified, trained, and experienced teachers become a part of the team. The children are carefully nurtured with knowledge which they can understand and learn the easy way. For children to learn, the knowledge from a single book does not benefit much during the process of learning. The differences in teaching cause lack of uniformity. Being one of the best schools in Kalyan, we are striving to fulfill all educational requirements for a better educational system so that we can reach the goal to be one of the best schools in Mumbai.

Sometimes it is difficult for teachers to stay updated or come up with new ideas to provide all the required knowledge. The various activities involved in school can also be the reason behind any missing classroom education. Thus, to keep up with the evolving learning process, Arya Gurukul, one of the best schools in Kalyan has included various facilities in its education cell. This unique points will assist in bringing a connection in the classroom between teachers and the students.

The Arya Gurukul education cell has got all the facilities with unique 10 point program:

  • The Curriculum is consistently upgraded and custom made based on the requirement of the students.
  • Each chapter is carefully planned by curriculum designer’s team for classroom teaching.
  • Apart from daily learning habits, our curriculum ensures a focused learning with practical demos and real-life
  • Our curriculum stimulates children’s curiosity and it is beyond the text.
  • Our plans ensure connections with the skills they learn in classrooms to the life outside the school.
  • Music, dance, art, craft, dramatics, physical education, and field trips are incorporated into the school’s curriculum.
  • Imparting value-based education.
  • We create application-oriented worksheet
  • Our assessment is child-friendly which draw out the best from every child.
  • Edurichment program for teachers in the form of Workshop and Seminars with hands- on teaching sessions.

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