Some Guidelines for Parents to follow at Arya Gurukul

Although school is responsible for looking after your child’s education, personality, and quality, parent‘s support and contribution towards the school is required to make all of that possible. Encouraging a positive learning background, we believe in setting the right kind of environment where your child will enjoy his/her journey as a student.

Following are some guidelines for the parents offered by Arya Gurukul, one of the top schools in Dombivli to ensure a smooth relationship between the school and the parents.

  • Parents are requested to be cooperative with the principal and staff for an effective functioning of the school as well as for the wellbeing of the child.
  • The role of a parent as an educator is encouraged, as it is their job to shape the child’s character and instill discipline.
  • Our school sees every child as a unique learners, thus the environment at home must be congenial for building the self-esteem of the child so that he/she is able to take up any challenges at home too.
  • Parents should be aware of what is not permitted in the school. For e.g. magazine, books, comics, Cd’s or any unethical articles are not allowed in the school.
  • Our school does not encourage home tuitions, the teaching facilities provided at school is enough for the students to perform well. Parents should encourage the child to take up his/her own study responsibility and practice the habit of self- study.
  • Parents involvement during the PTC is expected.

Arya Gurukul, which is amongst the top schools in Dombivli work towards building a strong relationship with parents whose support and co-operation is required for the improvement of the child’s performances in school.  And as your child’s guide at home, we encourage parents to be his/her friend, philosopher, and a great support.