A Positive Teacher-Student Relationship in the Classroom

One of the greatest achievement as a guide will be to win the trust of the student who look up to him as a mentor. Students usually spend most of their time in school, and it is important to build a lasting bond with their teacher, which will be only possible if the teacher are willing to help and support the children no matter what. Arya Gurukul is one of the best CBSE schools in Ambernath and we understand that every children is different, it is therefore necessary to handle every child in the way they should be treated.

A student who interact with his/her teacher is more likely to do better in his/her academic performance. While students will find it easier to clear their problems, teachers will also work towards improving their teaching skills and make learning enjoyable with two ways communication. We are one of the best cbse schools in Ambernath and we believe in creating a positive learning environment where children can openly express his/her point of view. We also believe in keeping a positive teacher-student relationship so that the teacher can monitor the student and clear his/her learning difficulties.

However, it is not always easy to establish a positive relationship between the teacher and her student. It requires involvement from both sides to create a long lasting, positive teaching/learning relationship. A teacher can create a confident relationship by showing some mutual respect to the student, which will motivate him/her to show more interest towards classroom activities. Creating a safe learning environment is another way to improve the bond. Students need to feel safe and secure while questioning their doubts and the teacher should support him/her by answering with patience and interest.