Guiding your Kid to make a Wise Choice through Career Counseling Program

Arya Global School laid the foundation 25 years ago and is managed by Mr. Bharat Malik and Mrs. Neelam Malik. Our school is one of the best CBSE board schools in Kalyan, the first Chinmaya Vision School in Maharashtra, and ranked first in India in the Chinmaya Vision Programme.

Our vision is to help children build a strong and sustainable foundation, which will allow them to have right educational background with proper career choice, thus the idea of career counseling program has been introduced in the school curriculum. The importance of having a Career Counseling Program is to guide children on the right path on the basis of their choice.

With so many career options available, students often find it confusing to make the right choice. The students can make a wise decision only if guided by elders, and he/she will fin d it easier to know what is right for them based on their abilities.

Arya Gurukul CBSE board school in Kalyan offers a career counseling program where parents and teachers from different schools participate. Eminent personalities, career counselors, and educational experts visit the school and share their experiences with the students so that the right career choice is made.

The idea of initiating a career counseling program is to help students in determining their potential, this will clear their doubts on certain career options. This program can also support and motivate children, as they are provided with moral and emotional support from the school as well as from the parents. Our school hopes to guide the children in the right direction with respect to the fields one can choose and excel in the future.

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