Helping parents cope with ‘Back to School’

The post-Covid era can be sectioned as a different era with its unique features. We are now celebrating for things to have returned to normal. But have they really? The fact is that some things have been so drastically altered that going back seems like a far-fetched idea.

Some of these changes are for the better, for example- the way we work and learn. ‘Remote’ is no longer an exception but is often the easiest resort.

However, some things are not so favourable, for example – the noticeable behavioural changes seen in children of all ages.

Behavioural alterations in children-

Psychologists have claimed that many children are showing signs that are similar to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, such as lack of sleep, mood swings, reduced energy levels and increased anxiety.

Toddlers are the most affected lot as they were born into a world where the idea of meeting and interacting with people is considered hazardous. They have often not interacted with people other than their own parents much.

Some subtle yet noticeable changes among children, who were suddenly withdrawn from physical connections with teachers and friends, show reduced empathy, listening skills, attentiveness or lack of communication skills.

Impact of return to normal on parents-

While parents are elated to send their children to school, there are several practical challenges that they need to cope with, besides handling such behavioural alterations in their children.

It was felt that parents needed a hand-holding on how to make the experience of going back to school favourable, for their children. This will help in minimum resistance from children and an ease of settlement.

‘Mother’s Meet at Arya Gurukul-

To address the above concerns, Arya Gurukul, Nandivali organized a Mother’s Meet on the 9th of July 2022. Experienced counsellors spoke at this interactive event to aid parents whose children are coming back to school and the impact on academics.

The speakers were Mr Anuj Yadav, Consulting Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Hypnotherapist, an expert in conducting workshops for students and children.

And Ms. Pallavi Khadye, Psychologist at AryaGlobal Group of Schools.

They highlighted important suggestions such as –

  1. Inform children to be careful but not paranoid.
  2. Get them excited about physical schools by talking about activities, meeting friends, sports, travelling by bus or whatever excites them.
  3. Avoid discussing negatively about the school in front of children.
  4. Guide children to break away from fear.
  5. Do not force them to follow rules, imbibe discipline gently and gradually.
  6. Reflect the idea of school being a fun, safe place.
  7. Encourage self–study and peer-study.

They also highlighted some ways to cope with the learning loss experienced during the last 2 years and shared a few tips to cope with academics.

A total of 325 parents attended the program which saw a 100% participation; reflecting the eagerness in parents to ensure a smooth transition to physical school from remote schooling.