Spiritual Values- an Important part in Education

While school is an institution where all basic subjects are learned by the students, it should also be the place where they are taught to have better understanding about life from a spiritual point of view. Children are admitted in school at the age where they need a guide to lead them on the right path. So, it is the job of both parents and teachers to support children throughout this learning phase.

We encourage spiritual values to be a part of education in school, because we believe a child will learn better only if he/she is explained the purpose of spirituality in life. Incorporating this value, we can bring a growth in the child’s mind, body, and soul, which will in turn develop their characters. At Arya Gurukul, one of the best cbse schools in Dombivli, we prepare students to understand life from the spiritual way to let them recognize other higher quality in life and become better humans.

As one of the best cbse schools in Dombivli, Arya Gurukul has set a mark in promoting spiritual education through the advice and thoughts of Swami Chinmayananda’s. By instilling spiritual education such as love, compassion, patience, forgiveness, etc., students will have a balance between internal and external morals.  Also, emphasizing on spiritual education, students will know that, apart from gaining education to improve one’s material attainment and success, it is also important to have selfless love and respect for the society.

Hence, with our strong belief in connecting education and spirituality, Arya Gurukul creates a positive learning environment with spiritual education as the backbone of school education.